Saleh Tamer Image Credit: Social media

Dubai: A 14-year-old orphaned boy was tortured for two hours by his employer in Egypt simply because of demanding his daily wage of 50 Egyptian pounds ($3.8), local media reported. He died from the abuse.

The boy was said to be working at a poultry slaughterhouse for seven months before the crime took place.

According to initial investigations, Saleh Tamer was subjected to a horrific torture party for 120 minutes, which ended with his death inside the slaughterhouse located in the Mit Suhail village in the Sharqia governorate.

Police investigations also revealed that “the victim’s torture party began when he asked the slaughterhouse owners to give him his daily wage the previous day, saying that he can no longer continue working at the slaughterhouse because someone was harassing him and pressuring him throughout the day for continuous work without rest".

For that simple reason, the suspects (slaughterhouse owners) started beating and torturing the child with fire causing his health condition to deteriorate seriously, which prompted them to take him to a nearby clinic where doctors told them that the child had gone into a coma and must be taken very quickly to the hospital to save his life. However, he was declared dead upon arrival at Al Saadin Central Hospital in Minya Al Qamh.

According to Al Watan Newspaper, the forensic report revealed that the boy suffered from burns and bruises on different parts of his body, and that was clearly visible. Meanwhile, the owners of the slaughterhouse claimed that they found the boy’s body lying in front of the slaughterhouse. The defendants denied committing the crime before the Public Prosecution, although all available evidence shows that they were the killers.