An image grab taken from Egyptian state television Al Masriya shows members from Egypt's new cabinet being sworn in by Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak (right) in Cairo. Image Credit: AFP

Cairo: Embattled Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on Monday swore in a crisis government dominated by old faces.

The government, led by Ahmad Shafiq, a former army general, has seen ministers of defence, foreign affairs, information, military production, information technology, electricity, social solidarity, the environment, oil, manpower and higher education keeping their portfolios.

Newcomers to the government include Mahmoud Wagdi as Minister of the Interior; Jaber Asfour as Minister of Culture; Zahi Hawass, Egypt's chief archaeologist, as Minister of the newly created Ministry of Antiquities; Mohsin Al Noumani as Minister of Local Development; Ayman Abu Hadeed as Minister of Agriculture; Sarniha Syed as Minister of Trade and Industry; and Ebrahim Mana'a as Minister of Civil Aviation.

Finance Minister Yousuf Boutros Gali has been replaced by Jawdat Al Malat, who has headed the audit office and gained some popularity for addressing corruption, one source said.
No ministers for tourism and education have been named, according to the official television.

Mubarak on Friday dismissed the government of Prime Minister Ahmad Nadeef after massive protests nationwide.