Sisters in a hospital in Umm Al Fahm in Israel have captured the hearts of many on social media. The image shows the new mother, Nidaa, cradling the baby, while Maimouna, the biological mother, holds a bouquet of flowers. Image Credit: Social media

Dubai: In an incredibly heartwarming tale of sisterhood and selfless love, Maimouna Mahameed, a 35-year-old Palestinian mother from Umm Al Fahm in Israel, gave her newborn daughter to her sister, who had been unable to conceive for nearly two decades.

Umm Al Fahm is a city located 20 kilometres northwest of Jenin in the Haifa district of Israel.

The heart warming incident came to light when news circulated about “a mother giving birth on her way to the hospital.”

To know more about the news, local media agencies contacted the family, only to discover a narrative that transcends belief. Maimouna’s sister, Reham, shared the touching details of the story.

“For almost 19 years, my sister Nidaa (new mother) tried to have a child. Nine months ago, my sister Maimouna and her husband approached Nidaa, offering to let her adopt their next child. She agreed,” Reham revealed.

Maimouna, who already has three children, became pregnant soon after. The birth was remarkably smooth, occurring at home, and she arrived at the hospital with her newborn daughter, Aya, already in her arms.

Reham continued, “Aya is a miracle for all of us. Maimouna decided to give her new baby to our sister Nidaa, and everything went smoothly.”

Both the mother and the newborn are in good health and were discharged from the hospital last Wednesday. While Maimouna returned home, her newborn daughter, Aya, went home with her second mother, Nidaa.