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Dubai: An Egyptian man has stabbed his father, mother and brother to death following a financial dispute in Kafr Al Sheikh Governorate, 134km north of Cairo, local media reported.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the suspect, the eldest son, came from Alexandria where he lives to Kafr Al Sheikh on the eve of the day of the murders four days ago. He visited his mother and youngest brother in their apartment where a row had erupted between them after they refused to give him money.

The suspect grabbed a knife from the kitchen and stabbed his mother and brother to death.

Investigations showed that the suspect suffered financial problems and sought help from his family members, who refused to help him.

After stabbing his mother and brother, he then headed to his father’s apartment and stabbed him to death because he also refused to help him financially. The suspect then returned to Alexandria, where police arrested him two days later.

The suspect was referred to public prosecution after he confessed to the crime. He is now in police custody pending trial.