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Mohammad Istanbuli. Image Credit: Saida online newspaper

Dubai: A seven-year-old Lebanese boy died of a heart attack after being startled by a group of young people filming a TikTok video near his home, in a chilling incident that has shaken the city of Tyre, Lebanon.

The participants, donned in menacing masks and brandishing swords, inadvertently instilled a terror in the boy that proved fatal.

Mohammad Istanbuli was found unconscious by his family on the morning of the incident.

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Father of Mohammad Istanbuli at his funeral Image Credit: Saida online newspaper

The boy’s father has lodged a formal complaint against the participants involved in the making of the video.

According to a doctor, Mohammad exhibited no signs of physical harm, save for a minor scratch on his nose, suggesting that the boy’s death was brought on by sudden cardiac arrest.

In a funeral held in Tyre on Saturday, hundreds of people came together to mourn the young boy’s untimely death.