Stock crime police jailed
Alongside the prison term, she was fined 5,000 Jordanian dinars ($7,050). Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: A Jordanian woman has been sentenced to three years in prison for the illegal sale of her own daughter, according to the Criminal Court in Jordan's Mafraq Governorate.

Alongside the prison term, she was fined 5,000 dinars ($7,050). This verdict comes after the woman was found guilty of human trafficking and attempted trafficking, a decision upheld by the Irbid and Cassation Courts of Appeal.

According to reports, the defendant, previously married with two children, was abandoned by her family following disagreements. Later, she entered into a relationship with her cousin, resulting in the birth of a child. The young man's mother then arranged for the sale of the baby to a childless couple for 2,000 dinars ($2,820). The defendant agreed to this arrangement, handing over her child to the young man's mother.

The incident came to light when the defendant became pregnant again from the same relationship and expressed her intention to sell the unborn child to her friend, to whom she revealed that she had sold her first child in a similar manner. Shocked at this revelation, the friend reported the incident to the Family Protection Department, leading to the defendant's arrest.

During the court proceedings, the defendant admitted to selling her first child, citing financial motives.