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A staff member from sanitizing company distributes hand sanitiser for free for worshippers during Friday prayers outside al Husseini mosque in downtown Amman on March 6. Image Credit: REUTERS

Amman: The UAE Embassy in Amman has called on all citizens of the UAE to confirm their flight details as the country prepares for a lockdown on March 17.

Earlier, on Saturday, Jordan said it would stop all incoming and outgoing passenger flights into the country from Tuesday as it tightens border controls to combat the spread of coronavirus. 

Announcing the move on Saturday, Prime Minister Omar Razzaz said universities and schools would be closed for two weeks and all tourist sites and all sports and cinemas would also be shut.

Jordan had one confirmed Covid-19 case that was treated and left hospital on Friday but is worried because of speed at which the virus has spread in neighbouring countries.

It had already closed its borders with Egypt, Iraq, Syria and the occupied Palestinian territories and Israel.

Meanwhile, Egyptian President Abdul Fattah Al Sissi on Saturday ordered all schools and universities shut for a month starting March 15. The move is part of precautionary measures being taken by Egypt to combat the coronavirus.