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Dubai: A Jordanian man has been sentenced to 30 years in prison with hard labour for gouging out his wife’s eyes in Jerash, local media reported.

According to the Jordanian Court of Cassation, the man was tested by a psychiatrist, who confirmed that the accused does not suffer from any mental or psychological illnesses. Thus, it was determined he was fully aware of the crime he was committing. He was convicted of the felony of attempted murder.

As he was committing the crime in November 2019, their children heard her mother screaming and snatched away the knife away from their father.

When she fell unconscious, the culprit fled the house thinking she was dead and reported his crime to a neighbour. The court determined that although the woman did not die, the injury she sustained posed a real threat to her life.

Notably, the “Lady of Jerash” case caused an uproar in Jordan, and regionally, for its gruesome nature.