Illustrative image. Image Credit: Creative Commons

Dubai: A Jordanian man has divorced his wife after a botched plastic surgery which led to deformities, local media reported.

The surgery is said to have been conducted by a non-specialist doctor, according to Omar Al Shobaki, head of the Jordanian Society for Plastic, Reconstructive, and Reconstructive Surgery.

Al Shobaki said on a broadcast programme that the surgery caused deformities that no surgeon in the world could repair.

Non-specialists charge more than professionals with experience in the field, and that plastic surgery performed by a specialist costs significantly less than those done by a non-specialist, he said.

Al Shobaki said that the percentage of errors by non-specialists is very huge, stressing that misleading advertisements have contributed to defrauding citizens.

Plastic surgery can only be performed by doctors who have obtained the Jordanian Board in Plastic Surgery, Restoration and Burns, or its equivalent.