Man stabs
Illustrative image Image Credit: Creative Commons

Dubai: A Jordanian man stabbed his 15-year-old daughter to death in the Kafr Rakeb area, in the north of the Kingdom, for using his mobile phone, according to investigators.

According to a judicial source familiar with the case, the girl was on a visit to her grandmother’s house. When she returned home, a dispute arose with her father, who stabbed her 25 times, leading to her immediate death.

The father was arrested. He surprised investigators when he told them that he killed his daughter “because she was using his mobile phone without his knowledge.”

A medical source confirmed that the victim had more than 25 stab wounds in different parts of her body, including her chest, stomach, back and legs.

Amer Al Sartawi, media spokesman for the Public Security Directorate, said earlier, “A report was received to the West Irbid Police Directorate that a man had stabbed his daughter with a sharp tool inside their house, and soon after that she passed away.”

The suspect confessed to having stabbed his daughter and killing her over a family dispute.