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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits an Israeli army base in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, November 24, 2019. Image Credit: Reuters

Dubai: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in a military base in northern Israel where he headed an emergency meeting to follow up the developments on the Israel-Lebanon border.

The Israeli army heavily fired over Lebanon’s border on Tuesday night after suspecting a security incident. Sources said loud sounds from the flares were echoing across south Lebanon.

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According to Lebanon’s National News Agency, the Israeli forces were also combing the border area with machine guns.

Media reports said the flare-up started after the Israeli army found a gap in the border fence.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meanwhile arrived at a military base in northern Israel to follow up on the developments. Media reports said Netanyahu had been spending a vacation in the area.

The Israeli army fired mortar bombs on suspicious activity near the border with Lebanon. The army spokesperson said the army fired flares on the villages of Hula and Mais Al Jabal in Southern Lebanon after suspecting a filtration process from Lebanon in north Israel.

The army issued a statement asking residents in colonies in the north to suspend any activity and stay at home, and turn off their lights. Residents were later told the incident was over and to return to normal life.

Huge fires broke out in the Lebanese village of Mais Al Jabal and firefighters rushed to the scene to contain fires caused by the bombs fired by the Israeli forces, local Lebanese media said.