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A video was obtained of the suspect telling while asleep of her link to the murder, an official said. Illustrative image. Image Credit: Gulf News Archive

Cairo: Tunisian police arrested a girl who had admitted while asleep to a murder of a school guard more than a year ago in a case previously closed as a suicide, local reports said.

The murder surfaced after the girl was reportedly filmed by a housemate talking in her sleep allegedly admitting to killing the guard.

A police spokesman in Monastir governorate in central-East Tunisia said the case had been initially recorded as a suicide by the guard.  “The case was reopened after police received a report that a girl talked in her sleep about her link to a murder,” he told Tunisian Mosaique FM radio.

A video was obtained of the suspect telling while asleep of her link to the murder, the official said.

Police raided the house and arrested her. “In the beginning, the girl denied [involvement in the murder], but after she was faced with the evidence and the video clip, she admitted to having murdered the guard in collusion with another employee at the same school,” said the spokesman. The accomplice was arrested too.

The murder was perpetrated by putting a poisonous substance in a coffee cup drunk by the guard. The girl reportedly admitted to having put a bottle of the poisonous substance into the guard’s coat to back up the suicide assumption.

She attributed the murder to her wish to take revenge on the guard after he had purportedly breached an  agreement to get her a forged school certificate although he had taken money from her.

The girl was not identified nor her age given.