Gaza: The bad financial situation that Gaza Strip is going through has not stopped Gazans from listening to drought- and hunger-hit Somalis' cries for help.

Imams in mosques in Gaza strip mentioned Somalia during the Friday prayers and asked Gazans to donate to their brothers in Somalia.

Moreover, the Arab Doctors Union Gaza branch ran a campaign asking the people of Gaza to donate to people of Somalia.

The campaign called "From Gaza hand in hand to save the children of Somalia" will last throughout Ramadan. The campaign started on the first day of Ramadan. The Union took out advertisements supporting the campaign in local radios and websites to encourage people to contribute to the campaign. It is planning advertisements on local television also.

Different sections of the Palestinian society responded to the campaign. But most donations came from the local non-governmental organisations and some wealthy businessmen, according to the organisers of the campaign.

One of the donors Mohammad Abd Al Latif said: "I saw the pictures of our brothers in Somalia and felt so sorry for them; I wanted to do anything to help."

"The campaign aimed at demonstrating the extent of physical cohesion between the besieged Gaza and Somalia showing that the Palestinian people are capable of supporting and standing by the Somali people," said Ahmad Hathat, the public relation officer of the Union.