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Dubai: A Jordanian man has beaten his three-year-old girl to death yesterday as he could not bear the sound of her screaming and crying, local media reported.

The Public Prosecutor of the Grand Criminal Court charged the man with torture and murder.

According to media reports, the suspect could not bear the sound of his daughter’s screaming and crying, so he grabbed her with both hands, carried her upstairs, and threw her to the ground. During interrogation, the father claimed that he did not intend to hit his daughter. However, investigations revealed that the father had hit his daughter on several occasions.

Sources said the victim lost consciousness as soon as her body and head touched the ground, then her father took her to the hospital, where she was admitted for two days before she was pronounced dead.

Over the past few days, four crimes shook Jordan, three of them family murders, just before the new year started. The crimes claimed the lives of six people, the youngest of whom was three years old and the oldest 45 years old.

Earlier on Wednesday, a 17-year-old girl shot her family using a shotgun, killing three and injuring two. The firearm was seized, the girl was arrested and investigations are currently underway.