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A general view shows a crowd and shops at Al Ataba, a market in central Cairo, Egypt February 10, 2020. Egypt's population has now crossed 103 million. Image Credit: REUTERS

Dubai: Three new babies are born every one minute in Egypt, an average of 180 babies every hour, local media reported.

According to the Central Agency for Public Mobilisation and Statistics (CAPMAS), Egypt’s population is expected to reach 103 million, today, Tuesday.

This means that Egypt’s population has increased by one million within the last 232 days (7 months and 22 days).

CAPMAS added that on Monday, July 5, 2021, the population reached 102 million, meaning that there is a daily increase in the population of Egypt by 4,310, or 179.6 every hour, or 3 every minute, and one every 20 seconds.

Egypt’s population is growing each year by approximately 1.5 million, or the equivalent of the population of a country the size of Bahrain. Such an increase is attributed to mainly the high fertility rates in many parts of Egypt.

Many Arab and African countries are struggling with rising populations. However, in Egypt the pressures are acute, because 97 per cent of its people live on just 8 per cent of its territory, crowded along the Nile, Aleksandar Bodiroza, representative of the UN populations fund in Egypt.