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Dubai: An Egyptian woman has died after falling from the fifth floor of a residential building in Sheikh Zayed City, Giza governorate.

The tragic incident occurred when the 45-year-old woman tied herself to a rope to climb the building, in a desperate attempt to see her children who live with their father in the fifth-floor apartment.

The woman died on the spot as she sustained severe injuries, according to emergency services and rescue teams who were dispatched to the scene.

Investigations carried out by the authorities revealed that the woman was divorced from her husband, who had custody of their two children. When she came to see her children, her ex-husband denied her entry.

The woman, who was determined to reconnect with her children, resorted to a desperate and ill-fated plan. She tried to enter the apartment through a fifth-floor window, but tragically lost her balance and fell.

Initially, the victim’s ex-husband was held in custody for investigations. However, after thorough verification, he was released as police concluded that he was not involved in her untimely demise.