shot dead, gun, shoot, fire
For illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: An Egyptian man shot dead his wife, three children, and his parents and brother-in-law in Alexandria Governorate, northern Egypt, local media reported.

The so-called “Alexandria massacre” took place in a residential apartment during a reconciliation session in which a husband shot his wife, her family and his children, killing seven people and injuring his eldest son.

According to initial investigations, the 40-year-old suspect went to his wife’s family home for reconciliation  -- either to agree on details of divorce or to persuade his wife to return to the marital home.

During the session, there were heated arguments between the two parties after which his wife refused to return to her husband. The suspect got so angry that he took out a gun and fired shot randomly, killing his wife, her father, her mother, her brother, and three of his children, and injuring his fourth son.

He then closed the door of the apartment and left the scene. The suspect, who surrendered himself to police, admitted to having committed the murder due to a long-running feud with his wife and her family.