knife stab
A person's silhouette with a knife. Image Credit: Agency

Cairo: An Egyptian man fatally stabbed his wife for her failure to ready a meal for him after a day of work, local media said, citing witnesses.

The murder occurred during a dispute between the couple in their house in the city of Benha north of the Egyptian capital.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the dispute erupted over the household budget and failure of the wife to cook a meal for her husband after his return from work. During the altercation, the husband stabbed the woman with a knife and escaped the place, media reports said.

The husband, a driver, later turned himself in to police. He attributed the murder to what he described as home disputes. Local prosecutors ordered burial of the woman and an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the murder.

In the past few weeks, Egyptian media reported several violent family disputes, some of which culminated in murders.

Last month, a dentist in the Nile Delta province of Mansoura stabbed his wife 11 times during a quarrel in their house, media said.

A young wife, meanwhile, admitted to having fatally stabbed her husband in their house in the town of Tukh north of Cairo during a dispute sparked by her request for extra money to cover expenses of the Muslim Eid Al Adha holiday in late July.