Egyptian farmer falls into 23-metre-deep well, rescue operations underway
Image Credit: Elbaladtv

Dubai: A 35-year-old Egyptian farmer from Minya met a tragic end after falling into a 23-meter-deep well. Taha Mohamed Abdel Aziz, who was married and a father to a small child, fell into the well late Monday night while attempting to retrieve his mobile phone, leading to his untimely demise.

The accident occurred in the village of Azaqa, Minya, where Abdel Aziz fell into an irrigation well, triggering a massive local and governmental response.

Despite the efforts of his family, who remained in communication with him for some time and attempted a rescue by lowering a rope and a mobile phone, their endeavours were in vain as the rope snapped, dashing hopes of a successful rescue.

Security services, civil defense units, and the local community mobilised to the scene, with heavy machinery deployed to navigate the rocky terrain surrounding the well. The mission is to recover Abdel Aziz's body from the deep, sandy pit.

Preliminary investigations revealed that Abdel Aziz had contacted his family after the fall, informing them of his situation and a broken arm. However, attempts by local residents to save him were unsuccessful.

The search efforts intensified with the use of six loaders and four pits to locate Abdel Aziz's body, buried deep beneath the earth.

Abdullah Al Jazwi, a relative of the victim, noted the community's dedication to recovering the body, with excavation reaching 19 meters underground. Despite these efforts, the local unit in Minya confirmed Abdel Aziz's death was due to suffocation at the bottom of the well.

Major General Osama Al Qadi, Governor of Minya, has been closely monitoring the situation, emphasizing the immediate response from the local unit and the Security Directorate. A considerable amount of equipment was deployed to aid in the extraction of Abdel Aziz's body, with the Public Prosecution taking charge of the investigation.