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Dubai: A 30-year-old Egyptian butcher named Sayed Saeed was stabbed to death by a customer in Kerdasa, Giza Governorate, following a dispute over $3.2, local media reported.

The incident occurred when the customer refused to pay 100 pounds, approximately $3.2, for the meat he had bought from the butcher.

The accused asked the victim to overlook the amount and promised to pay it later, but the butcher refused and tried to take the meat back.

The situation escalated, and the accused refused to return the meat, leading to a verbal altercation that ended in the customer stabbing the butcher in the chest.

Saeed was rushed to the hospital, but he died while receiving treatment.

Police investigated the incident, and the accused confessed to committing the crime. He will be presented to the Public Prosecution Office for further investigation.