Saeed Khalid Al Saeed Mohammad Ismail with his bride before the tragedy. Image Credit: Video grab

It was a heartbreaking event when 22-year-old Saeed Khalid Al Saeed Mohammad Ismail, better known as “Suhaib Khalid,” suffered a fatal heart attack during his engagement celebrations in Egypt.

A video documenting Suhaib’s last moments captures him in a dance with his fiancee at the French Hall in Port Said’s Sharq District.

In the footage, Suhaib is seen engaging in a lively dance with his future bride, when he suddenly collapsed. Despite immediate assistance from his father and friends, and his admission into Al Salam Port Said hospital, Suhaib was declared dead upon arrival, leaving a pall of gloom.

Subsequent medical investigations concluded that the young man’s death resulted from a ‘cessation of heart muscle activity, triggering a severe drop in blood circulation, and ultimately leading to a cardiac arrest. Witnesses reported that Suhaib, known for his good manners and amicability, had been exerting himself considerably in the preparations for his engagement party, without taking sufficient breaks.

The initial assumption when Suhaib collapsed was exhaustion, and there was hope he would recover at the hospital. However, the devastating news of his death transformed the festive atmosphere into one of mourning. What was supposed to be a night of celebration quickly turned into a sorrowful funeral procession.