Iron Rod
The man said his wife beat him with an iron rod. Picture for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: An Egyptian man was brutally beaten by his wife, causing him a permanent disability just 67 days after their wedding, local media reported.

The husband filed a case against his wife before the Giza Court demanding EGP 500,000 (Dh116,869) in compensation for the damages he sustained after being ferociously beaten by her following heated disputes days after the end of their honeymoon.

“I have never imagined that my marriage, which my wife and I dreamed of for 3 years, would end so quickly. My mother-in-law stirred up differences between us. She kixked my mohter out of her house when she visited, to discuss the list of items” the man said before the court.

“After my mother left the house, my wife’s mother called her sons to throw me out of her house as well. Several days later, after a reconciliation agreement, my mother-in-law incited my wife to amend the list of movable items to the tune of EGP 700,000 to secure her future.

"She pushed my wife to the brink of madness in her attempt to control my life, and insult me. But when I refused and confronted her, my wife beat me with an iron rod.

"I was admitted to the hospital in a critical condition, and suffered a permanent disability. This led to bitter disagreements between the two families, each filing lawsuits against the other."