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Photo for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Pixabay

Cairo: An Egyptian man had allegedly shot dead his two wives in their house near Cairo and fled, local media reported.

Neighbours alerted police in Giza, south of Cairo, that they had heard gunshots inside the house.

On reaching the house, police found the bodies of both women with gunshot wounds, the semi-official newspaper Al Ahram reported.

Initial investigations showed that the two women, aged 30 and 42 years, had been gunned down by their husband, who is a contractor, due to unspecified family disputes, the paper added.

A female neighbour, who is a relative of the husband, said she had seen him leaving the house with blood on his clothes and sped off in his car.

She told police that on entering the house, she found one wife already dead and the other struggling for life, but she passed away later.

Both bodies were found inside one room of the house, independent news portal Sada Al Balad reported.

Investigations also revealed that the suspect married both women about four years ago with a short time in-between the two marriages, the portal said.

He has two children who were at their grandfather’s house at the time of the murder, it added.

Police have mounted a hunt to arrest the suspected killer as investigators are trying to unravel the exact motive for the crime.