Dead body
Illustrative image. Image Credit: IANS

Cairo: A woman had suffered a stroke and died an hour after the death of her husband in a province north of the Egyptian capital, local media reported.

The wife identified as Abeer Sheheita, was overwhelmed by grief after she learnt about her husband’s death, a relative said.

The husband, a carpenter in the Egyptian Red Sea resort town of Hurghada, was visiting together with his wife, a Jordanian national, his Delta hometown of Abu Kebeer.

“He suffered sudden pains and was transferred to a hospital where he died of a heart attack,” Ayman Abu Hosni, a relative, added.

“On learning about her husband’s death, the wife suffered a stroke and died as well. The shock had killed her. The coffins of the couple were carried together for burial in the family’s graveyard,” he told news portal Masrawy.

A somber and massive funeral was held for the couple, according to Abu Hosni.

The couple had been married for 12 years.