210604 Yusr Ramadan
Pilot Ashraf Abu Al Yusr and Mohamed Ramadan. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Egypt’s Public Prosecution on Thursday said the seizure of the money of rapper and actor Mohamed Ramadan is related to a judicial ruling on a lawsuit between him and pilot Ashraf Abu Al Yusr, who died a few weeks after the ruling.

The prosecution reacted to Ramadan who posted a video clip on his Facebook account saying the government had seized his money in a local bank.

During the video, Ramadan narrated a phone conversation between him and a bank employee, saying: “I woke up today to a phone call from the bank informing me that the government had seized my money. I replied by saying that myself and all I own is Egypt’s property.”

The controversial actor did not give the reason his bank accounts were frozen.

Banking sources revealed that Ramadan’s money was seized to implement a ruling issued in April by the Economic Court that ordered him to pay 6 million pounds in compensation to the pilot.

The lawsuit dates to early 2020 when Ramadan posted a photo of him in the cockpit of aprivate jet, which Abul Yusr was in charge of, causing severe moral and financial damage to the veteran pilot, who was later sacked by the Civil Aviation Authority.

According to the court papers, Ramadan took advantage of Abu Yusr while flying the plane to promote himself by publishing a video clip of his new song that he called “I don’t get searched in airports”.

The aviation authority withdrew Abu Al Yusr’s licence for violating safety standards while flying.

The ruling was issued against Ramadan in early April, and the pilot died later the same month.