Photo for illustrative purpose. Image Credit: Creative Commons

Dubai: An Egyptian man is seeking to divorce from his wife seven months after marriage because she gained weight, Egyptian media reported.

The husband, in his 20s, claimed that his wife had gained more weight within a few months after marriage, and he cannot not accept the way she looks now.

In his lawsuit, he said: “I advised my wife to adopt a diet and lead a healthy lifestyle to maintain a nice body shape, but she refused and continued to spoil our marital life.”

The man who insisted on seeking divorce told the family court: “We have been embroiled in daily verbal spats because of this issue. She neglected her appearance and became overweight.”

“My wife now looks like my grandmother not like how a young woman should look like. I can no longer accept this,” he added.

The wife accused her husband of causing her depression. The case is still pending with the family court.