201130 Egypt virus
Mohammed, 31, died four days after his father. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: An Egyptian family is mourning the death of the father and son just four days apart.

The father died shortly after his son tested positive for COVID-19. The son then died four days later, local media reported.

The heart-breaking story took place in the village of Mit Ghamr in Dakahlia Governorate, northeast of Cairo.

The 65-year-old father, Fathi Mohammed Sayyed Tawfiq, was shocked when his son, Mohammed, 31, tested positive. The son’s condition was critical, and he was admitted to the intensive care unit at a quarantine hospital.

The father was emotionally traumatised when he went to the hospital to visit his son, but he was denied entry. He continued to go to the hospital but with no avail. The man died in his sleep.

His wife found him dead.

The son died of acute respiratory failure four days later. He was buried alongside his father.