Israelis, Palestinians and activists protest before the dedication ceremony for the Jewish neighbourhood of Maale Hazeitim, inside occupied East Jerusalem on Wednesday. Image Credit: AP

Ramallah: The Israeli authorities have started earmarking and the infrastructure work in the area of Wadi Rababah of occupied East Jerusalem to create a national Biblical Garden on lands owned by Palestinians.

The national and Islamic forces in occupied East Jerusalem said this area could be the battlefield for another confrontation with the Israeli authorities.

The national and Islamic forces in occupied East Jerusalem urged the owners of lands in the area of Wadi Rababah to make any possible use their land.

They told the owners to plant trees or use the land in any possible way and not leave it vacant to become easy prey for the Israelis who have already started expropriating lands in the area.

Fakhri Abu Diab, a political activist and Member of the Silwan Defence Committee told Gulf News that the Wadi Rababah area is located as the border line between the lands of 1948 and that of 1967.


He stressed that this area is very precious for the Israelis who have their own plans for it and that the infrastructure work in the area has already started to turn it into a national Biblical Garden.

He said that some of the land owners in Wadi Rababah are there in occupied Jerusalem while others are outside it.

He stressed that the national and Islamic forces have already reached those inside occupied Jerusalem and urged them to make every possible use of their lands to protect them from the Israelis.

He added that the national and Islamic forces in occupied Jerusalem are preparing a list of the owners of other lands in the area, where those forces will contact them immediately to inform them about the dangers facing their lands. Abu Diab said that the Occupied East Jerusalem residents will do everything to get to the owners of these lands and protect them from Israeli greed and unprecedented attempts to judaise occupied Jerusalem.


The Israeli Protection of Nature Authority and Elad Association are the key sources of threat to the lands of Wadi Rababah and that unless they are confronted, their will carry out their plans.

The Islamic and national forces in Occupied East Jerusalem issued an official statement urging Arab labourers from occupied Jerusalem itself or from outside it to avoid and immediately stop their work with these two bodies.

The statement said that it is a national and religious duty to avoid work in these two Israeli bodies to preserve the Arab owned lands in Occupied East Jerusalem from being judaised.

The statement considered work with these two Israeli bodies is a direct and serious violation of the national and Islamic consensus.