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Image run by Egyptian media purportedly showing a mobile phone inside an Egyptian man's body. Image Credit:

Cairo: A young Egyptian swallowed a mobile phone around seven months ago in a prank with peers, local media reported Wednesday citing a hospital official.

The gadget was detected in the 28-year-old man’s stomach after he underwent an ultrasound in a state hospital in the province of Benha, north of Cairo, private newspaper Al Watan said.

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Dr Mohammed Al Jazar, a consultant of pulmonary tumours and heart surgeon, said the ultrasound showed the presence of the mobile inside the man’s stomach.

“The patient has been referred to the general surgery department in the hospital to undergo emergency surgery,” Dr Al Jazar added.

The semi-official news portal Akhbar Al Youm quoted the patient as saying that he swallowed up the device seven months ago during a bout of joking with his friends without telling his family since then. He reportedly thought that he would be able to regurgitate it.