Cairo/Copenhagen: The Muslim Brotherhood yesterday denounced what it called "new Danish insults" to Islam and urged the world to boycott countries that allow offenses to all religions.

The Brotherhood's condemnation came a day after word spread about a web video showing young members of a Danish political party mocking the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

The video showed people in their 20s and 30s participating in a drawing contest at a camp for the Danish People's Party Youth in August.

"Muslims are shocked by this new Danish insult," the Brotherhood said. It described the drawing as "the ugliest for God's most honorable human being, peace be upon him".

It urged Muslims to boycott products from Denmark and any other country that would allow such an "insult," and called on Muslims to "express denouncement through peaceful means, by demonstrations and protests".

Party admission

Muslim leaders in Denmark also condemned the video yesterday but said they would not be goaded into taking action. "Against the background of the problems earlier, we have to be careful," said Ahmad Abu Laban, a Copenhagen imam.

Kenneth Christens, chairman of the Danish People's Party Youth, refused to apologise Friday for the actions of its members, but acknowledged they were problematic.