German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas believes an international donor conference should be held soon in the interest of Lebanon. Image Credit: AP

Abu Dhabi: German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas warned of the consequences of continuing to destabilize Lebanon, in light of the horrific explosion in the capital Beirut a few days ago.

“We want to strengthen Lebanon, because this crisis should not be used to open a door to foreign influence there,” Maas told German newspaper Zarbrucker Zeitung Friday, according to the German News Agency.


Maas warned there are indeed in Lebanon non-governmental actors, financed from abroad, such as Hezbollah, who could take advantage of the current vacuum, and said, “The disaster entails great risks for further destabilising Lebanon.”

Maas pointed out that it is right to think about holding an international donor conference soon in the interest of Lebanon, and he said, “A country cannot overcome such a disaster on its own.”

Provide more aid

He called on the international community and the European Union to study “how we can provide more aid: by providing food, accommodation and rebuilding the port and the city.”

On Tuesday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said her government is “devastated by the reports and images” coming out of Lebanon, according to her spokesperson Ulrike Demmer.

“Our thoughts are with those who have lost loved ones. We wish the wounded a speedy recovery. We will offer Lebanon our help,” Merkel said, according to a tweet by Demmer.

More than 137 people were killed and thousands were injured as a result of a massive explosion in the Beirut port last Tuesday.