A player holding a smartphone with Player's Unknown Battleground, also known as PUBG online shooting gaming. Picture for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: Agency

Dubai: A 12-year-old Egyptian boy died of a heart attack while playing PUBG at his family home in Port Said, local media reported.

The incident happened on Monday. The the boy arrived in Al Salam International hospital where the preliminary medical examination showed that the cause of death was sudden high blood pressure.

The victim’s family said they found their son lying on the ground with his mobile phone next to him, with the PUBG app still running.

His father told local media: “We found my son lying on the floor with traces of blood from his nose, face and neck, while his body’s coulour turned to blue.”

The Public Prosecution opened an investigation into the incident and decided to keep his body in the morgue for forensic examinations to determine the cause of his death.