Established in 2003, THE Group has rapidly grown to become one of Jordan's leading retail companies Image Credit: Supplied

With nearly 20 years of heritage, THE Group has positioned itself as a leader in the Kingdom’s retail industry. The Group’s journey first started back in 2003, when it placed the first building block of what is now a modern and innovative retailer in the food, fashion, and décor markets.

It was in 2003 that the first Cozmo supermarket opened its doors in Amman, Jordan, and marked the beginning of THE Group. Driven by its “customers come first” mentality, Cozmo ensures to offer its customers a diversified and curated shopping experience, during which they provide the finest selection of produce and a wide range of local and imported brands.

But Cozmo is not just a high-quality supermarket pioneer, because it also focuses on serving its customers on every front. In fact, The Group launched the very first major online grocery store in the Kingdom, where Cozmo customers can order online and have their groceries delivered right to their doorstep. With this innovative and transformative journey of online retail shopping, Cozmo customers receive the same great quality and freshness with the added convenience of hassle-free delivery.

THE Group’s drive to improve, expand and provide excellence to its customers meant that Cozmo was only the beginning of their success journey. Following Cozmo’s undebatable success, THE Group grew its operations to include Cozmo Home, THE Department Store, Readers Bookshop, and Hamleys toy shop. The acquisition of UK-based franchise Hamleys, the world’s largest toy shop, across the Levant area including Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, and Jordan, marked the transition of THE Group to a regional franchiser.

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And with that THE Group secured its position as a retail leader that aspires to cater to all its customers’ needs.

Resilience in Times of Crisis

When the pandemic first hit in 2020, it almost felt like the world stopped moving. Governments and countries across the globe were faced with unprecedented challenges that tested everyone’s limits. But it is during crisis that one’s true mettle comes to life.

As the pandemic left the world rallying to survive, THE Group showed unwavering resilience against the face of uncertainty and adversities. Being pushed to the limits proved to have its own silver lining as the retail leader showed the world its strong faith in the power of its community, resilience, and ability to keep growing through difficulties.

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Instead of fighting back, it focused on the things it can control and was able to act in an agile and solution focused manner to better support its team, partners, and customers. Not only did THE Group enact strict safety measures in their stores and facilities, but it also became a lifeline for its customers during lockdowns and curfews. Cozmo’s online services became the go-to method to purchase high quality products in an efficient and timely manner.

At the core of THE Group lies the belief that we are all responsible economic citizens of the world, and that it is our duty to protect our planet. The company sees its business as a mean to effect positive change as well as build a safer, more sustainable company and planet. Thus, sustainability and good governance are reflected in day-to-day business and echoed in partnerships that uphold the same ethos.

Over the years, it has introduced numerous programs and initiatives to combat its carbon footprint, advocate for the importance of recycling and promote charitable work. In 2003, the company launched a small initiative to promote recycling in the community. Almost two decades later, what started as a small initiative with only three recycling bins developed into a fully-fledged recycling centre.

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In addition, the leading retailer has also worked on utilising energy-saving LED technology and biodegradable bags in their stores, as well as establishing eco-friendly practices in the workplace.

THE Group is adamant in its commitment to reduce its impact on the environment, and as result has built its own renewable energy station, which is now operating and driving the company’s biggest impact yet on its carbon footprint.

The Future Is Here

The only known constant in our world is change, and therefore, THE Group is committed to proactively provide its customer and partners with innovative and futuristic solutions to meet their every need. With its deeply rooted values of integrity, quality, excellence, passion, empathy and loyalty, it aspires to leave a positive impact on the community it serves, forge valuable partnerships around the world, and create a rewarding and joyful shopping experience for all.

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The future of retail might be just around the corner, and THE Group guarantees to continue its mission of adopting and driving the change towards transforming the retail industry.

However, no matter where the world is heading, one thing will remain intact, and that is, THE Group will always be a proudly Jordanian company.