Screenshots of Ivanka Trump's erroneous tweet went viral
Screenshots of Ivanka Trump's erroneous tweet went viral Image Credit: Twitter

Ivanka Trump just made British leader Boris Johnson the Prime Minister of Jamaica’s capital. Perhaps, geography is not a strong point for the White House advisor and daughter of the US President Donald Trump.

She tweeted: “Congratulations @BorisJohnson on becoming the next Prime Minister of United Kingston.”

Twitter users lost no time in making fun of Ivanka for misspelling "United Kingdom". Of course, it was too late to delete the tweet (which eventually she did), because Twitterati had already taken screenshots.

The image of the tweet quickly went viral with “United Kingston” becoming a worldwide trend on Tuesday. Britons were quick to point out her mistake. Kingston is the capital of Jamaica, and Kingston upon Thames is leafy area southwest of London.

Twitter user @AngelaBelcamino posted: “The internet never forgets. Is the United Kingston next to Whales?”

Why Whales? Just last month, Ivanka’s father and US President Donald Trump had caused a splash on Twitter after he tweeted to say he had met the “Prince of Whales”, intending to refer to Prince of Wales, Prince Charles.

He too had subsequently deleted the tweet.

@GerryGreek tweeted: “Apparently United “Kingston” has a new prime minister! A month ago her dad praised the Prince of “Whales.” It runs in the family...”

And @DeptOfMeme posted: “Why President Donald Trump is using Ivanka’s Twitter account? Doesn’t he already have two handles and 327.2 million people to take care of?”

Boris Johnson was selected on Tuesday as leader of the Conservative Party, and therefore prime minister, in an election in which only the 160,000 members of the party could take part.

He will assume the role on Wednesday after his predecessor, Theresa May, formally resigns.