For the first time, Calgary Economic Development (CED) in association with Y-AXIS Middle East, the world’s largest immigration consultants, will host an online job fair with the objective of helping IT and software professionals interested in moving to Calgary, Canada, to get suitable jobs. The virtual job fair will be held between July 10 and July 25, 2022.

Candidates looking for career opportunities in Calgary, Canada, can connect with several employers with thousands of job vacancies. IT and software professionals can utilise this great opportunity to work and settle down in Canada.

Speaking about the partnership with Y-Axis, Sharmin Surani, Talent Specialist, Client Excellence, CED, says, "Y-Axis being one of the leading immigration firms in India and Dubai, got us to work with them to help prospective immigrant workers learn more about Calgary and its vision of the new economy.

"Calgary's economic strategy in the New Economy sets out to achieve an ambitious vision for the city that creates long-term prosperity and opportunities for all. It is a path forward toward economic diversification and an economy that is inclusive and accessible to all. This is the message we hope to spread with the support of Y-Axis to the talent out there."

Clint Khan, Director, Y-Axis, says, "Y-Axis being the largest immigration company in the world, has had a lot of customers who depend on us to make sure we fulfil their dream of settling overseas. We are constantly trying to make sure our customers have the highest chance of success. We are very proud that CED is working closely with Y-Axis to connect our customers with employers in Calgary through this job fair."

Who can apply?

Individuals with in-demand skills can apply and once shortlisted can attend job interviews with Canadian employers. Job seekers looking for job opportunities in Canada can apply while openings are still available. People who are interested can get in touch with Y-Axis and check their eligibility. This is a free job fair and there are no charges to apply for it.

"Y-Axis does not charge a fee from an applicant, an employer or any other authority in Canada," says Khan, adding, "this process is free as we believe it is not ethical or legal for a customer to pay for a job. An applicant does not have to be a client of Y-Axis to apply for this job fair. Our registered clients have had the opportunity to apply as a value-added service for this event."

However, it's also to be noted that jobs are not guaranteed and are at the discretion of the employer. Y-Axis also does not charge a placement fee.

Chance to work in Canada

Candidates seeking career growth and development can get benefit from this job fair. Applicants with work experience in particular occupations can apply for jobs from outside Canada.

Surani also provides a short advisory to working professionals planning to move to Calgary by highlighting the points below:

o Prepare yourself and do your research

o Don’t underestimate your skills

o Take the initiative and pave the path to your success

o Be ready to adapt and come with a positive attitude

o Be prepared to continuously learn and share your knowledge

About CED

Calgary Economic Development provides opportunities to individuals who can contribute to Calgary’s economic growth and diversification. CED offers a wealth of information to help everyone succeed and promotes Calgary worldwide. It connects people with resources to help them grow their careers or businesses and thrive in new locations or markets and feel at home in Calgary’s welcoming and inclusive community.

About Y-Axis

Y-Axis is the world’s largest and most trusted immigration and visa consultant. They assist clients wishing to work, study, visit and migrate and invest in countries such as Canada, Australia, the UK and Europe. Y-Axis has been creating global migrants since 1999. For more information visit www.y-axis.ae