Dr Mohammad Mansour Zamam
Dr Mohammad Mansour Zamam, Governor of the Central Bank of Yemen. Image Credit: Saba

Abu Dhabi: The Yemeni riyal plummeted to lowest level against foreign currencies since the coup of the Houthi militia in 2014, at the backdrop of Saudi-led coalition in Yemen’s shooting down Houthi drones fired at Asir region, southwest of Saudi Arabia.

Bankers in the temporary capital of Aden told Asharq Al Awsat that the price of one dollar broke the barrier of 800 riyals, which is the maximum decrease witnessed by the Yemeni currency since the Houthi militia coup in 2014, and the highest ever since the conflict erupted between the government and the Southern Transitional Council and the latter's announcement of the so- called self-management or autonomous rule in the southern provinces.

The Central Bank of Yemen issued a circular Monday, in which it requested not to speculate at the exchange rate, stressing the need to adhere to not dealing with any unlicensed money changers by the central bank and to continue to cover the customers’ needs in foreign exchange.

On the other hand, Colonel Turki Al Maliki, the official spokesman for the Forces for Legitimacy Support in Yemen, announced that the coalition forces intercepted and shot down drones launched by the Iranian-backed terrorist Houthi militia towards the Asir region, after they were shot down in the morning a similar aircraft fired at Khamis Mushayt to deliberately target civilians.

Youssuf Al Othaimeen, the Secretary-General of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, held the Houthi terrorist militia and those backing it with money and weapons the full responsibility for these terrorist acts, stressing the organisation's solidarity with Saudi Arabia.