File photo: Tribesmen loyal to Houthi rebels chant slogans.

Abu Dhabi: The United States expressed its concern about attacks against Saudi Arabia, stressing that the escalation of attacks against the Kingdom reflects the lack of seriousness of the Al Houthis regarding peace.

White House spokeswoman Jane Saki confirmed in the daily press briefing that the US administration continues to cooperate closely with officials in the Kingdom to discuss ways to support the Kingdom in defending its lands against these threats.

The attacks are the most serious against Saudi oil installations since a key processing facility and two fields came under fire in September 2019, cutting production for about a month and exposing the vulnerability of the kingdom’s petroleum industry.

Washington said its commitment to defend Saudi Arabia is “unwavering” after oil infrastructure in the kingdom came under missile and drone attack.

“The US embassy condemns the recent Houthi attacks on the kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” the American mission in Riyadh said via Twitter. “The heinous attacks on civilians and vital infrastructure demonstrate their lack of respect for human life and their lack of interest in the pursuit of peace.”

The attacks on Sunday were intercepted, Saudi Arabia said, and oil output appeared to be unaffected. But the latest in a spate of assaults claimed by Iran-backed Al Houthi rebels in Yemen briefly pushed oil prices to above $70 a barrel for the first time since January 2020.