Abu Dhabi: Since April 2015 and up to now, the UAE has provided Dh13.82 billion ($3.76 billion) in aid to Yemen, targeting more than 13.8 million Yemenis, 5.3 million of whom are children.

The UAE’s foreign aid was an urgent humanitarian response to the ongoing crisis to help alleviate the suffering of Yemeni people, support Yemen’s stability and unity.

The aid aimed to benefit various sectors with emphasis on the development, humanitarian and charitable fields.

More than a quarter of the aid has been provided as humanitarian assistance throughout Yemen. The UAE has supported Yemen’s long-term needs through funding various sectors such as public programmes, power generation and supply, transport and storage, government and civil society, health, education, construction and civil development, social services, water, and health.

The UAE’s assistance extended to 12 Yemeni governorates, rehabilitating basic infrastructure such as airports in Aden, Rayyan and Socotra, as well as seaports in Aden, Mukalla, Socotra and Mocha, the radio station and the court among many more.

It has implemented many renovation projects to rehabilitate 218 schools and provided more than 232,000 tons of food aid to an average of 10,000 beneficiaries, reconstructed and maintained 46 hospitals / health centres, provided more than 300 tons of medical supplies, and reconstructed and maintained 12 A power station, 635MW, rehabilitation and maintenance of 9 water plants and networks containing 80 pumps, 4 sewage treatment plants, and 250 dams.

The UAE has also provided polio and measles vaccinations to 488,000 children, 74 ambulances and more than 500 police vehicles to support security agencies, and offered 70 transport buses to support the education sector, and also rehabilitated 19 police stations.