conjoined twins Saudi yemen
The medical team pose with the twins after the separation operation. Image Credit: Saudi news agency SPA

Cairo: A specialised medical team successfully separated Yemeni conjoined twins at a hospital in Saudi Arabia without any complications, the chief of the team has said.

The separation of female twins Mawadah and Rahmah saw several “accomplishments” including the immediate recovery of the twins post the procedure, which happened for the first time, Dr Abdullah Al Rabeah, who led the medical and surgeon team, added.

“Besides, the twins did not need blood and this happened also for the first time. The time of the operation was cut from 11 hours to five at the hands of 28 Saudi doctors and specialists,” said Dr Rabeah, who is a royal advisor and the supervisor-general of the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre.

“The operation went smoothly in all its stages without any complications. The twins are in good health,” Dr Al Rabeah added, according to the Saudi news agency SPA.

The operation was carried out in implementation of the directive of Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz, SPA added. The separation surgery, performed at the King Abdullah Specialised Children’s Hospital in Riyadh, was the 52th such procedure conducted in Saudi Arabia, according to Dr Al Rabeah.

The twins’ mother was seen in a video fainting after seeing them separated for the first time since their birth.

They were conjoined at the lower chest and abdomen and shared the liver and intestines.