Morning assembly underway at King Fahd School in Al Baha. Image Credit: Screengrab

Dubai: Students at King Fahd School in Al Baha, Saudi Arabia, have become the talk of the town after students wer seen conducting morning assembly in the Chinese language. Previously, such assemblies were restricted to Arabic.

A video clip that captured the students conducting the school assembly in Chinese, with translations provided by a fellow student, has garnered significant attention on social media. The innovative approach has been met with commendation, with many social media users expressing encouragement and praise for the initiative.

The initiative comes in the backdrop of the Saudi Arabian education departments launching the Chinese language enrichment programme.

Targeting second-grade secondary students, the programme is part of proficiency classes offered twice a week throughout the semester.

Designed to boost students’ competency in Chinese, these proficiency sessions are structured to foster self-learning. While the guiding teacher’s main role is to support and steer students, especially if they lack Chinese language skills, the focus remains on the students’ independent learning abilities.

Chinese in Mecca schools

It is worth mentioning that more than 28,000 high school students in the Saudi holy city of Mecca have started learning the Chinese language as part of a nationwide plan.

Starting from this semester, the second-grade students in public and private secondary schools in Saudi Arabia were introduced to the Chinese language under an enriching linguistic programme.

They include 28,903 students in 257 secondary schools in Mecca, attending two proficiency classes per week for learning Chinese during the first semester of the academic year that began last week.

The programme features educational shows and interactive lessons aimed to enhance the students’ ability to learn the Chinese language with the engagement of facilitators encouraging group thinking and self-learning.

Saudi education authorities this month unveiled a package of incentives for students who will distinguish themselves in learning the Chinese language.

As part of these incentives, students’ attendance of the Chinese language classes will be considered a sort of engagement in voluntary works.

The student who successfully completes the course will get a 10-hour voluntary work added up to his/her cooperative education.

Moreover, the five best learners will be honoured by their respective education department, with the final number of top students to reach 16 boys and 16 girls, who will be feted by the Education Ministry. Those students will also be given access to knowledge-orientated programmes and trips as a reward.