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Dubai: Residents in Saudi Arabia flooded social media with wonder and admiration after a 50-year-old man was rescued from the Empty Quarter.

The Empty Quarter covers almost 650,000 square kilometres and is the largest contiguous desert in the world, which runs through the borders of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Oman and Yemen.

The video clip, which was posted on July 1, 2018, shows how two young Saudi men rushed to help the man stranded in the middle of the desert.

In the video, viewers can watch how Mabkhout Al Braiki and Mohammad Al Waili rushed to wrap the man in a blanket, and then call for medical assistance. 

The man’s vehicle was stuck in the sand dunes, and after walking for nearly 24 hours without food and water, he could no longer go on and collapsed.

Once medical assistance arrived, the man was transferred to hospital for treatment.