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Miri and Riyad Al Attiyah during the weddiing. Image Credit: Screengrab

Dubai: A young Saudi man made a heartfelt journey to Indonesia to attend the wedding of his longtime houseworker, Miri, who has been an integral part of his family for over three decades. A touching video capturing the event has gone viral on social media, showcasing moments of profound emotional connection and cultural reverence.

Since the age of two, Miri has played a pivotal role in Riyad Al Attiyah’s upbringing, as well as in caring for his mother, who suffers from quadriplegia. At the wedding, Riyad, adorned in a traditional Saudi bisht, walked Miri down the aisle, symbolizing the deep bond they share.

Social media users were particularly moved by a scene where Miri, supported by Riyad’s arm, was handed over to her husband, graciously kissed his hand in gratitude, and received a bouquet of flowers from him.

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Expressing his profound gratitude for Miri’s unwavering dedication, Riyad emphasised, “My relationship with Miri transcends the ordinary. It’s about acknowledging her immense contribution to my life, from raising me to caring for my mother. We owe her a debt of gratitude, and bringing her happiness is the least we can do, considering the joy she has brought into our lives.”

Riyad’s involvement in the wedding extended beyond his presence; he also bestowed upon Miri gifts of gold and SR10,000, further demonstrating his family’s appreciation. He announced that Miri expressed a desire to return to Saudi Arabia to continue working with them, and he has ensured that a home will be prepared for her, honoring her wishes and her steadfast commitment to the family.

The ceremony overflowed with joyous interactions and unforgettable moments, leaving attendees deeply moved by Riyad’s gestures and the palpable affection between him and Miri.