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Ronaldo dancing in a gym. Image Credit: Screengrab

Dubai: A recently shared video has taken social media by storm, showcasing the legendary Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, currently playing for Al Nasr, dancing to the beats of a traditional Saudi Shilat.

The video captures a light-hearted moment with Hamad Fares Al Mansour, an ex-Al Nasr player and now part of the Al Kkhdood Club, teaching Ronaldo the nuances of the Najrani dance inside a gym.

With Hamad leading with a stick raised overhead, Ronaldo is seen imitating his movements with gusto.

Popularly known as “Don”, Ronaldo appears to effortlessly mirror Hamad Al Fares’s dance steps. Hamad later shared the video on social media with the caption “Long Live Abu Jr.”, eliciting widespread reactions.

Fans were quick to comment, with one noting, “OMG!, Ronaldo was successfully hacked,” while another commended his flexibility and a third remarked on how Ronaldo’s move to the Saudi league had been a dream come true for many.

This wasn’t Ronaldo’s only tryst with Saudi culture. During a recent match against Al Shabab, where Al Nasr triumphed with a 4-0 victory, Ronaldo made headlines twice.

First, after scoring a penalty in the 13th minute, he shared a heartfelt gesture, forming a “heart” with his hands directed at Al Nasr’s loyal fans.

Then, in the 37th minute, upon netting his second goal, he surprised and delighted fans by performing the Saudi sword dance, or “Al Arda”.

This spontaneous act of cultural embrace had Saudi fans erupting in joyous celebration, further solidifying Ronaldo’s already warm relationship with his Saudi supporters.