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Police arresting one of the thieves in Riyadh. Image Credit: Videograb

Cairo: Saudi police have arrested 14 expatriates in Riyadh for stealing copper cables worth over SR8 million.

The offenders are 12 Pakistanis and two Afghans.

According to a police statement, the cables, valued at SR8.3 million, were stolen from buildings under construction and warehouses in Riyadh using stolen vehicles.

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The thieves hid the stolen items before selling them at scrap outlets.
Recently, Saudi authorities have made multiple arrests linked to various cases of law-breaking and violence.

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Last month, police in Mecca arrested a Turkish resident suspected of arson. The man was seen in a video setting two parked cars on fire in a public place, as mentioned in a police statement on X (formerly Twitter).

In May, police arrested several Bangladeshi expatriates involved in a public brawl in Riyadh. The offenders were captured in a video quarrelling in a public area.

Additionally, in October, police in H’ail, north-western Saudi Arabia, arrested six women who were seen in a viral video engaging in a fistfight at a coffee shop, exchanging punches and kicks as workers watched in astonishment.

Also in October, Riyadh police arrested individuals suspected of involvement in a car hit-and-shooting incident in Al Kharj governorate, southeast of the Saudi capital. The violence, stemming from an unspecified dispute, resulted in two deaths and two injuries.