The nurse assisting road crash victims. Image Credit: Video grab

Dubai: Hanan Al Ruwaili, a seasoned Saudi nurse at Sawyer General Hospital in Al Jawf, has become the talk of the town after intervening to assist victims of a traffic accident she witnessed while returning from a trip from Tabuk.

While on the main road, Al Ruwaili noticed the accident and without hesitation, exited her husband’s car to offer assistance.

Upon assessing the situation, she found that the victims sustained injuries including broken bones and cuts.

One individual suffered from a broken hand, another had a broken back, a third elderly individual had sustained cuts to his nose and cheek, while a fourth person had a back injury.

Demonstrating professional diligence and compassion, Al Ruwaili helped stabilise the condition of the victims. She also took measures to manage bleeding while waiting for emergency services to arrive.

Throughout the ordeal, she maintained communication with the Red Crescent, ensuring the victims were transported to the hospital and were reported to be in good condition upon arrival.

Having devoted 14 years to her nursing career, Al Ruwaili views her timely intervention as a fulfillment of her duty, an honour she proudly embraces.

In the aftermath of the incident, a video documenting her selfless act has circulated widely on social platforms, garnering praise and commendation from netizens.