Saudi fashion speaker
Speakers at a training workshop organised by the Saudi fashion Commission last October. Image Credit: Supplied

Cairo: Prospects for the growth of the fashion industry in Saudi Arabia through training were the focus of a recent forum highlighting the impact of education programmes in the burgeoning sector.

Organised by the government Fashion Commission, the forum drew participation of several academics and stakeholders in the industry, who were acquainted with efforts to nurture and support local fashion talents.

In addition, the forum explored the commission’s strategy to promote the role of education and creativity in fashion through training courses.

The commission launched a series of related initiatives last year, including the trademark and visual identity programme, technology in fashion and other programmes on executive management and fashion design.

Experts aired at the forum views about the challenges facing the Saudi fashion sector and how to promote knowledge-based awareness of fashion and its economic effect.

In recent years, Saudi Arabia has endeavoured to diversify its oil-dependent economy as part of an ambitious development scheme dubbed Saudi Vision 2030.

Last October, Riyadh had its first fashion week where celebrated Saudi designers displayed their creative couture.

The event, launched by the Fashion Commission, featured a set of designs by famous Saudi designer Mohammed Ashi, who staged his first show in his hometown.

Other designers included Adnan Akhbar, dubbed Saudi Arabia’s first designer and Saint Laurent of the Middle East.

Created in February 2020, the Saudi Fashion Commission aims to develop the sector, driving its advancement and supporting practitioners in the field.

The commission’s stated mission also includes enabling the development of a “thriving Saudi fashion industry, sustainable and inclusive, fully integrated along the value chain, maximising local talent, experiences, and competencies”.

The commission has said it is setting a new strategy to enhance the sector and proposing new projects targeted at increasing its contribution to the Saudi economy.

The Riyadh-based agency envisages evolving the Saudi fashion industry “through culture, amplifying Saudi heritage and identity, while responding to global needs and impacting the national economy”. Saudi designs, some inspired by the country’s heritage, were displayed at global fashion shows.