Turki Al Maliki, spokesman of the Saudi-led coalition giving a press conference. Image Credit: SPA

Dubai: Saudi Arabia’s defences have destroyed nine explosive-laden drones launched by Houthis, the Arab Coalition announced in a statement on Friday.

The drones were launched towards the southern, eastern and central regions of the Kingdom, according to an official Saudi Press Agency (SPA) report. Another ballistic missile, bound for the Red Sea port city of Jazan and one explosive-laden drone launched toward Najran, were intercepted later, according to the SPA.

According to a statement issued by Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the drones deliberately targeted civilian properties and energy sources. However, the Arab coalition vowed that it would abort all aggressive attempts to target the kingdom's southern, central and eastern areas, while emphatically condemning Houthi militias' aggressive attempts as a serious escalation that targets energy security.

Saudi Arabia has also reported a “limited fire” erupting at an electricity distribution plant in the town of Samtah in Jazan following a rocket attack fired by Houthi militias, the Arab Coalition said on Friday.

In a statement issued by the state news agency (SPA), the Arab coalition confirmed that there were no fatalities.

“We are practicing self-restraint, and we reserve the right to respond at the right time,” the coalition added.

The coalition also said that the hostile attacks also targeted the National Water Company tanks in the Kingdom’s Dhahran Al Janub.