So popular was Al Hazaa's “Umm Haydjan’s Diary” that his fame propelled him to become a TV actor too. Image Credit: Source: Social media

Cairo: Established Saudi actor Abdul Aziz Al Hazaa, noted for acclaimed radio and TV roles, passed away at 86. His career spanned around six decades.

Al Hazaa was famed for versatility in mimicking voices in his diverse works including the popular radio serial “Umm Hadyjan’s Diary” that was also turned into a TV drama.

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Born in Al Qassim in central Saudi Arabia in September 1937, he moved to live in Kuwait in the 1960s where he worked as a civil servant and cooperated in media works. Later, he returned to the homeland where his actual acting career got off the ground, working on the Saudi radio.

So popular was his “Umm Haydjan’s Diary” that his fame propelled him to become a TV actor too.

During his long career, Al Hazaa performed in a string of radio serials and comedies tackling social problems. They included “Farajallah and Time”; and “Pranks from Life”.

Al Hazaa’s death triggered an outpouring of tributes. “He liked the nickname: the social guide that I used for him in an article,” said Saudi writer Hamad Al Qadi. “He made use of acting and mimicry gifts that Allah bestowed on him in addressing social issues and problems, thus helping raise awareness about them and suggest solutions to them,” Al Qadi added.

Saudi actor and academic Abdulallah Al Sanani eulogised Al Hazaa as an “icon of the beautiful time”.

A funeral prayer is due to be performed for the late actor in the afternoon before his burial later Tuesday in Riyadh.