knife stab
A person's silhouette with a knife. Image Credit: Agency

Cairo: A Philippine domestic helper stabbed two children of her Saudi employer before attempting to commit suicide, Saudi online newspaper Sabq reported Thursday.

The worker, who was employed by the victims' family about seven months ago, inflicted several stabs on the two children inside their house in the Governorate of Al Khafji in Saudi Arabia's Eastern region, according to the report.

Afterwards, the woman attempted to kill herself by electrocution and stabbing.

The two children were taken to hospital where one is reportedly in critical condition.

Initial investigations revealed that the assailant did not suffer any psychological problem when she was employed by the family who treated her well. The motive for the attack remains unclear. There was no immediate word on the assailant's health condition.

There are about 3.1 million domestic workers in Saudi Arabia, according to 2019 figures.