Manama: Saudi Arabia’s public prosecutor on Monday demanded the harshest punishment for two Arab citizens of Israel, who are being tried for spying for Mossad, the Israeli regime’s intelligence agency.

The trial of the two men accused of gathering information and cooperating with Mossad opened in Riyadh on Monday.

The two had reportedly arrived in Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah, but did not leave the kingdom as scheduled.

According to the case documents, the two carry Arab passports.

Charges levelled against the first defendant included cooperating with Mossad and travelling to Saudi Arabia to gather information for the spy agency, expressing support for Daesh and plotting with another Daesh member to carry out an act of terror during the Haj.

Other charges were related to storing and sending data likely to disrupt public order, possessing and taking drugs and overstaying in the Kingdom, Saudi news agency Sabq reported.

The second suspect faced charges of cooperating with Mossad and traveling to Saudi Arabia to gather information, attempting to undermine stability in the kingdom by plotting an act of terror during the Haj, breaking rules by overstaying in the country and providing misleading information about his name and residence.